On Demand Delivery App & Tracking System

Boost Profits & Efficiency by automating Dispatch- Deliveries -Tracking.
Route optimisations to reduce delivery Time & Cost.

Customer App

Customer App, Delivery Agent App & Manager Dashboard

Get On Demand delivery apps for your end customers or Full Delivery Service Management Software for your Delivery based company. Streamline delivery management system by connecting delivery agents to customers & route managers. Customers & Managers can make & monitor online orders, Real time delivery status, routes & reviews. Agents can manage all deliveries, plan, pick smart routes, receive communication alerts and close tasks.

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Uber like Delivery Tracking & Alerts 2

Uber like Delivery Tracking & Alerts for Customers/Managers

Keep your customers updated throughout the order delivery lifecycle by sending them real time SMS alerts at various stages. Uber like delivery agent tracking on google maps and allow customers to chat with their assigned agents.

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Uber like Delivery Tracking & Alerts
Manage All Deliveries

Manage All Deliveries at One Place

Smart dashboard to receive & manage pick up and delivery and on demand delivery requests from all sources at a single place. Track complete order fulfilment cycle from order received to dispatched to delivered. Take in time actions like delete, cancel and re-assign delivery with a single click. All with Tookan complete delivery manager software.

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Pickup & Delivery

Auto Pickup & Delivery Dispatch

Get your pickups & deliveries auto assigned to your nearest & free delivery agents as soon as the order is prepared. Agent gets a "delivery alert" on his app instantly to accept new delivery tasks.

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Real Time Agent Tracking

Real Time Agent Tracking

Track delivery status real time by knowing your agent's GPS location or use vehicle tracking for fleet management. Keep a close eye on delivery statuses, your agent's activity timeline and ensure zero delays or undelivered orders to deliver a great delivery experience for your customers.

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Route Optimization 6

Route Optimization for Agents

Our route optimisation engine picks the shortest & fastest routes helping you manage multiple deliveries with cost reduction and efficiency. Use Delivery Route Mapping to reduced ETAs on deliveries ensure an exceptional delivery experience for your customers. Avail last mile delivery solutions from Tookan.

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Route Optimization

Performance Analytics

Monitor delivery time, number of deliveries, ratings & reviews of delivery agents, cancelled and delayed orders and much more to help you take control of your business. Optimise deliveries with Tookan complete delivery manager software.

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Ratings & Reviews 8

Ratings & Reviews

Allow your customers to share reviews in an easy, quick & non-intrusive way. Manage ratings for various deliveries and agents to make a brand out of your business. Enable customers to share the good word about you on social media and create some buzz.

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Ratings & Reviews


Integrate your existing systems or delivery order management portals to Tookan Apps & Dashboard. Integrate existing website and other systems to streamline business operations. Use Zapier to connect Tookan out-of-the box, to dozens of applications including Shopify & Google Sheets, no coding required.

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What you get

agent app

Delivery agent app

Auto delivery dispatch

Route optimization & navigation

Task alerts & reminders

Agent's earnings


Manager dashboard

Web and Mobile Apps

Bird eye business view

Agent GPS tracking & task status

Agent performance management

Manage ratings & reviews

Customer app

Customer app

On demand delivery app for customers

Real time delivery tracking & status updates

Customer chat with assigned agents

Receive offers & discounts


Quarterly increase

Quarterly increase in number of deliveries requested. Achieved by ensuring Zero Delays and Cancelled orders through route optimisation and delivery planning.

performance management

Decrease in Monthly Delivery Cost for same number of orders. Achieved through route optimization & performance management

route optimisation

Decrease in average delivery time for all orders. Achieved by operating on shortest & fastest routes through route optimisation.


Quarterly decrease in number of Customer Complaints.

What Our Customers Say

  • “Great product & superb service ! The team has been extremely responsive & always ready to help. The product is reliable and has all the required features for point to point deliveries or batch deliveries. Great experience so far !”

    Khawaja Jaffer

  • “We needed a solution that would help us allot tasks to and track repair technicians without any hassles. When we came across Tookan, it was exactly what we needed.Tookan provides flexibility, easy scheduling, live tracking feature and automated customer notifications at affordable price. With Tookan coming in we were able to run close to 50 tasks in the pilot, validate our doorstep service business model easily and efficiently. Tookan is a product to use for any company that needs to roll out an on-demand/fleet management system.”


  • “We found Tookan extremely robust and feature complete. We have had minimal issues since integrating and the tookan’s development team had been extremely helpful in understanding our requirements and ensuring that they continuously improve the app to meet our changing requirements.”

    Archisman Das

  • “Tookan has been an easy to install, quick to learn and even faster to implement app which precisely meets our needs. Nothing more and nothing less! With Tookan coming in, we have almost nullified customers calling in again to check out if their delivery has left the store, which effectively means our phone lines have lower call waitings. In all I would say Tookan has left us with happier customers.”

    Vikram Salgaonkar

    Salmon Group
  • “Powerful Software. Terrific team. Quick responses from the Tookan team on product questions, Improved delivery success and experience, Improved communication with drivers, and the drivers love the app! If you’re looking to overhaul your delivery business, investigate this software!”

    David Allen

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