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Software for Healthcare Businesses &
On-Demand Healthcare Services.

Mobile Apps/Website/Dashboards to automate Appointments,
at Home Healthcare Services & Hospital Management.

Business Models we support

On-Demand HealthCare Services

Set up complete On-Demand Healthcare Services Management System including Customer App,Service provider App & Business Dashboard. Set up at Home Healthcare Services System to provide Doctors, Nurses and other healthcare service providers like Phlebotomists, Dieticians at home on patient's demand.

Hospitals & Clinics

Get your Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic centres online and manage patient's appointments efficiently. Get complete suite of software to manage Shift Scheduling, Temporary Staffing and other key operations of your business. Patient's app, website and Admin dashboard. Integrated payments & patient's data management solutions, ratings and reviews.

Healthcare Aggregators

Set up complete Healthcare Services Discovery, Appointments & Business Management System. Easy online Listings & Appointment Scheduling with Clinics, Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses and any other healthcare service providers like Phlebotomists, Dieticians etc. Appointment booking apps & Website, Integrated payments, ratings & reviews.

Key Features

Launch Branded Mobile Apps & Websites

Get iOS/android apps, website and business dashboards as per your Healthcare business model. User-friendly Interfaces & Easy Navigation. Patients can find you online, select needed Doctors & Treatments and schedule appointments. Fast Development time & Minimum Maintenance Required.

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Offer On-Demand Home Healthcare Services

Get Uber-like Healthcare Services On-Demand business apps. Get Customer/ Patient's App, Service Providers ( Doctors. Nurses, Clinics etc. ) Apps and Business Dashboards. Home Healthcare services appointment scheduling platforms & service status tracking. Ratings, Reviews & in app chats between Doctors & Patients.

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Hospital & Clinic Management Software

Complete business management software like Apps/Websites/Dashboards for Hospitals, Clinics & Diagnostic Centres. Shift Scheduling, Temporary Staffing and other key operations of your business. Patient's app, Website and Admin dashboard. Integrated payments & patient's data management solutions, ratings and reviews.

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Appointment Scheduling

Advance Appointment Scheduling with Clinics, Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses and other healthcare service providers like Phlebotomists, Dieticians etc. Supports both At Venue ( Clinics/ Hospitals ) & Home based services. Rescheduling, cancellations, service status Tracking & Alerts. Appointment notifications to Patients & Doctors.

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Integration with Popular Payment Gateways

Earn Revenues with easy payment integrations. Plan shifts & operations better through pre-paid appointments. Generate sales reports & accounting details. Premier Data Security & Wallet Safety

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Manage Ratings & Reviews

Manage Ratings & Reviews in an easy, quick & non-intrusive way about your Hospitals, Clinics, & healthcare services. Manage reviews of best Doctors, Dieticians, Hospitals, Clinics etc. to help patients avail best treatments at best places. Enable Patients to share the good word about you on internet and build credibility.

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Marketing Analytics

Closely watch numbers that matter : Appointments, Success Records in treating ailments, Patients Retention Rate and much more. Build reputations and improve patient's service standards by maintaining a transparent Patients Feedback Loop. Manage Patient's History and get insists on offering customised treatment plans.

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Integrate Tookan with Existing Online Assets

Integrate your existing website, salon/spa POS and other systems with Tookan Apps & Dashboards. Use Zapier to connect Tookan to dozens of business applications including E-mails & Google Sheets, no coding required Streamline & Manage all business operations from a single Tookan Dashboard.

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What you get

Patients / Customer App

Online discovery of Treatment Plans & Services.

Real Time Appointment Scheduling & Service Alerts.

Best choices made by checking Ratings and reviews of Doctors & Hospitals.

User-Friendly Interfaces & Easy Navigation. Customised Treatment Plans.

Aggregator's Dashboard

Easy Online Listings & Service Management for all onboard Doctors, Clinics & Hospitals.

Real time Appointment Scheduling at all venues and homes as per availability.

Business Analytics & Actionable, all managed through a single dashboard.

Analyse customers & industry trends to Grow.

Healthcare Service Professional's App

Auto Service Assignment to the professional; Doctors, Nurses, etc.

Location and Availability factors incorporated.

Treatment fullfilment Alerts & Reminders.

Professional's Earnings, Ratings & Reviews.

Hospitals, Clinics Management Software

Online Appointment management for Hospitals, Clinics, Diagonostic centres etc.

Make Customised Treatment Packages & list them online.

Appointment Panels for big and busy Venues.

Patient's Needs Use cases analytics & Business Performance Indicators.


Quarterly increase in number of home Healthcare Service Appointments.

Quarterly Increase in monthly venue based Hospitals, Clinics, Diagonostic Centres appointments.

Monthly increase in sales of Customized Treatment Plans. Achieved by Patients behaviour analytics

Quarterly increase in number of favourable social media mentions, Ratings & Reviews

What Our Customers Say

  • “Great product & superb service ! The team has been extremely responsive & always ready to help. The product is reliable and has all the required features for point to point deliveries or batch deliveries. Great experience so far !”

    Khawaja Jaffer

  • “We needed a solution that would help us allot tasks to and track repair technicians without any hassles. When we came across Tookan, it was exactly what we needed.Tookan provides flexibility, easy scheduling, live tracking feature and automated customer notifications at affordable price. With Tookan coming in we were able to run close to 50 tasks in the pilot, validate our doorstep service business model easily and efficiently. Tookan is a product to use for any company that needs to roll out an on-demand/fleet management system.”


  • “We found Tookan extremely robust and feature complete. We have had minimal issues since integrating and the tookan’s development team had been extremely helpful in understanding our requirements and ensuring that they continuously improve the app to meet our changing requirements.”

    Archisman Das

  • “Tookan has been an easy to install, quick to learn and even faster to implement app which precisely meets our needs. Nothing more and nothing less! With Tookan coming in, we have almost nullified customers calling in again to check out if their delivery has left the store, which effectively means our phone lines have lower call waitings. In all I would say Tookan has left us with happier customers.”

    Vikram Salgaonkar

    Salmon Group
  • “Powerful Software. Terrific team. Quick responses from the Tookan team on product questions, Improved delivery success and experience, Improved communication with drivers, and the drivers love the app! If you’re looking to overhaul your delivery business, investigate this software!”

    David Allen

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