A Powerful Business Intelligence Platform

Kato simplifies every step of the business analytics process from data preparation, analytics dashboard to predictive insights.



Kato's business intelligence software provides flexible connectivity to multiple data sources and seamless integration with third party tools.


Using real-time data visualization, Kato lets anyone in your business visualize your data with advance reports and get actionable insights at a glance.


As you scale, your security needs change. Kato's BI tool provides intuitive safeguards to manage system and data access today and tomorrow.


Custom Analytics Dashboard

We understand that every business is unique and have a unique set of KPIs to be measured. Kato dashboards provide an easy-to-customize and visually appealing interface tailored for your business that you can use to keep a tab on real time data as well as trends.

Data Visualization with Drill Down Charts

Drill down your data charts, graphs, reports and dashboards and discover hidden opportunities in your business data with advance BI tool. Kato ensures you are able to gather meaningful business information out of your data from every angle of your choice.

Predictive Analytics and AI

Kato acts as an AI and predictive analytics tool by offering plug and play ML algorithms that solve specific use cases for your business model. Now, power your decisions through powerful techniques in machine learning to achieve fast growth with advance business intelligence software.

Real Time KPIs Dashboard

Kato banks upon powerful proprietary algorithms to quickly process large amounts of data and provide you visually appealing executive dashboards to measure business performance against key KPIs. Discover answers to your questions as fast as you can think of them with real time dashboards.

Complete Data Analytics Solutions

Leverage the Power of Kato advance BI to get the business insights you need, at the instant you need them.

  • Visualize Local Files
    Simply connect your database and start visualizing
  • Query & Report Builder
    Create queries and build reports with help of wide variety of charts
  • Minimal Cost Solution
    Get the best business intelligence tool at the most economical cost.
  • Database Connectivity
    Conveniently connect to almost all databases including Oracle, MySQL
  • Ensured Data Security
    Highest level of security ensured while processing your data metrics.
  • Roles & Permissions
    Create congruous views of your dashboards and share with your teams or clients

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