To innovate and to excel

In the ever-changing world of digital transformation JungleWorks works on bleeding edge technologies. Our expertise lies in realising the goals of our clients.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics

We process and analyse large chunks of data to provide you meaningful information that can help you solve customer needs.

IOT - Internet of things

The future is about connection, connection between technology and human. We are future ready to support you with your IOT needs.


In the ever expanding digital universe your security is the biggest concern. We can help you in setting the gateways and securing your digital property.

Workforce Management

The most important component to your organisation are resources. Our solutions can provide management of resource optimally and increasing their value.

Customer Engagement

Engage with your customers instantly and convert them into revenue with instant communication.

Digital Transformation

You are missing on the digital bandwagon and we are here to take your business online in few hours.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing is a type of testing to ensure software applications will perform well under their expected workload. Using automation we help to reduce cost.


What our customers say

Powerful Software. Terrific team. Quick responses from the Tookan team on product questions, Improved delivery success and experience, Improved communication with drivers, and the drivers love the app! If you’re looking to overhaul your delivery business, investigate this software!

David Allen


Great product & superb service ! The team has been extremely responsive & always ready to help. The product is reliable and has all the required features for point to point deliveries or batch deliveries. Great experience so far!

Khawaja Jaffer


We found Tookan extremely robust and feature complete. We have had minimal issues since integrating and the tookan’s development team had been extremely helpful in understanding our requirements and ensuring that they continuously improve the app to meet our changing requirements.

Archisman Das


The team applied historical knowledge and best-practices to help our team through road-blocks. More than anything, consultative approach to app development felt like a true partnership. The level of flexibility and responsiveness is, arguably, one of your strongest advantages compared to other companies.

Wade Jackson